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Ministry Trainee Scheme

The Ministry Trainee Scheme is a one or two year full-time training programme aimed at equipping men and women for future gospel ministry.

Preference is given to those who have a commitment to a lifetime of Christian service in some sort of teaching role, whether that means in a paid capacity or as an active member of a congregation. The scheme runs from September to August each year. It has three parts to it:

·       Training (including Bible Training Yorkshire)

·       Experience within a ministry area in the church family

·       Practical service

There is a training grant to go towards living expenses, a small book grant and funding for two conferences a year.

Applications for the Trainee Scheme starting September 2020 are now open. Please download the Info Pack below for details. The closing date for applications is Monday 16th December.

Click here for the Ministry Trainee Scheme Facebook page for more information, photos, videos and interviews.

Contacts for Ministry Trainee Scheme …

  • steph johnson

    Steph Johnson

    Ministry Support Manager

    Steph joined the staff team in September 2015, after 3 years working with students in the Middle East. She enjoys reading, hiking and spending time with people from other cultures.

    Contact Steph