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Someone once said “Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.”

Learning to be a better parent starts by being honest about ourselves.

Being a parent is simultaneously the most exciting and the scariest thing ever. Having responsibility for another human being means re-evaluating your world-view and your priorities, for yourself, and for them. What should you want for your child? How should you discipline them? What are the most important things for them to know and do? At Christ Church Fulwood we want to learn together how best to parent our children. We do this is a couple of ways:

The Gospel Centred Family

This is an opportunity to join with 3 or 4 other families and spend 5 weeks reading and discussing what God’s has to say about being Mums and Dads. The format is simple:

  • Homework is to read a couple of the very short chapters of the course book with your spouse and come ready to discuss.
  • Course leaders will ply you with coffee and cakes and facilitate bible study and chat about the issues raised in the chapters.
  • Hopefully you’ll strike up long lasting friendships and support for your family.

 If you are interested in the Gospel Centred Family Course please contact Gareth Wroe.

Contacts for Parenting …

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    Gareth Wroe


    Gareth is married to Claire, they love hospitality, are foster parents and have 5 children: Olly, Tash, Lani, Kez and Paige. Gareth was a dentist in a past life and has worked in the youth and families ministry at Fulwood for over 25 years. He enjoys mountain biking, the gym and good cinema.