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At Christ Church Fulwood, we believe that marriage should be a wonderful lifelong partnership.

This course has been designed to help couples who are approaching marriage to be as well prepared as possible for married life together.

We meet on two evenings to look at some of the significant issues we bring to marriage, as two individuals becoming a single unit.  The course is intended to provide you with a framework to think about some of these things that will be important to your married life together.  There is plenty of time to give you the opportunity to discuss issues quietly together as a couple during the course of the evenings.

As Christians, we value marriage, both as significant for society and also as God’s pattern for couples to commit their lives to each other.  During the course, we will outline the Bible’s view of marriage and its guidance to us as couples. Our hope is to give all couples a chance to weigh up and consider how what God says could help in their life together. 

Here are some of the elements we include within the course: 

  • A chance to discuss what you’re each expecting from marriage and why
  • A chance to think about your marriage vows together before you make them for real
  • An opportunity to discuss unexpressed anxieties
  • Some useful facts about communication
  • Practical tips on handling conflict
  • A chance to discuss what each of you wants from life
  • Some guidance on forgiveness and its importance in our relationships
  • The dangers of taking each other for granted and tips on how to avoid this, including related issues in your sex life
  • An explanation of the Christian and biblical pattern for marriage
  • Contact details and resources for those who want to take things further

We try to make the evenings informal, conversational and enjoyable, with an emphasis on you having private discussions of topics together.

Contacts for Marriage Prep …

  • carolyn edmonds

    Carolyn Edmonds

    Ministry Support Assistant

    Carolyn is married to Bob and they have 2 sons and four grandchildren. She came to Sheffield from Lancashire as a Uni student in 1973 and has worked in the Church Office since 1996.

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