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The War to end all wars

12 Nov 2018 by Saira

One day all wars will end! To hear more, listen to Paul William’s sermon on Revelation 19:11-21. 

Click here to listen now.

Secrets in fishing

29 Oct 2018 by Saira

As Jesus disciples we are in possession of a treasure that we have to tell others about.

Click here to hear more about this treasure and why we must share it.

Is that it?

22 Oct 2018 by Saira

There’s one way to live a life that doesn’t end in disappointment. 

At our baptism service, Paul Williams speaks on John 14- click here to listen.

Secret hidden treasure

15 Oct 2018 by Saira

What will motivate me to give up everything for Jesus?

Hear more about this in Paul’s sermon on Matthew 13:44-46, click here to listen now.

The secret of weeding

8 Oct 2018 by Saira

Why doesn’t God just get rid of all the evil in the world?

Click here to listen to Paul’s sermon on Matthew 13:36-43 to hear more about how the Parable of the Weeds addresses this big question.