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22 Jun 2018 by Paul

Friday Part 1

Its statement day! Later on GAFCON will be releasing an important message for the Anglican church worldwide.

Friday Part 2

The statement has now been released- please click here to read the Letter to the Churches

GAFCON Thursday

22 Jun 2018 by Paul

Rico Tice makes a guest appearance on Thursday’s update. He shares his encouragements from the week so far. “This is home...amongst Anglicans who are wanting to be biblical”

GAFCON Wednesday

21 Jun 2018 by Paul

Wednesday’s update features a guest appearance from a longtime Kenyan friend! 

GAFCON Tuesday

20 Jun 2018 by Paul

Watch the video update for more challenges and encouragements from GAFCON


19 Jun 2018 by Paul

Here’s the update from the first full day of GAFCON... hear about stories of persecution in Nigeria and false teaching in Canada.