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Whose praise do you love?

12 Nov 2019 by Saira

Surely everyone would believe if they could personally witness the miracles of Jesus. 

To hear more, listen to Paul’s sermon on John 12:37-46. Click here to listen or download it now.

The Son of Man must be lifted up

4 Nov 2019 by Saira

Why is living for the glory of God so good for us?

Click here to listen to the sermon on John 12:28-36

Death brings life

29 Oct 2019 by Saira

As we approach Jesus' death in John’s gospel, Jesus calls on all who follow Him to live a life of sacrificial service as the way to glory.

Click here to listen or download the sermon on John 12:20-36.

The whole world is following

21 Oct 2019 by Saira

It is very easy for Christians to want Jesus to save them from things that are not in line with His purposes.

Listen to Paul William’s sermon on John 12:12-19 to hear what Jesus' purposes are, and how both the crowd and the disciples misunderstood this. Click here to listen now.

Why wouldn’t everyone want to accept the gift of eternal life?

In John 11:45-57 we see the different responses to Lazarus being raised from the dead, and not everyone is positive about it.

Listen to the sermon to find out more- click here to listen now.