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Jesus on the future of the world

6 Nov 2017 by Saira

As Jesus tells us of the judgement to come, how do Christians ensure they are ready for that day?

Click the links below to listen to the sermons on Luke 21:5-38:

Part 1

Part 2

Do you think Jesus should be restricted to the religious parts of life?

Paul Williams raises this question in his sermon on Luke 5. Click here to take a listen.

Grace to give

16 Oct 2017 by Saira

God’s grace transforms selfish grabbing people into selfless generous people.

Click here to listen to Paul William’s sermon ‘Grace to give’

Jesus on life after death

10 Oct 2017 by Saira

When religious people deny that there is life after death Jesus proves them wrong.

To hear more please click here to listen to the sermon by Paul Williams

Administering grace

2 Oct 2017 by Saira

In a culture in which it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand as a Christian, in order to keep going, we need to serve each other with the gifts God has given us.

To hear more, please click here listen to the sermon by Paul Williams.