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Real doubts

10 Apr 2018 by Saira

How are we supposed to believe in the resurrection if we’ve never witnessed the risen Jesus first hand?

Click here to listen to the sermon by Paul Williams on John 20:19-31.

Guilt from the past and an uncertain future ruins the present. But Easter deals with the past and gives hope for the future changing the present.

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A life in the light

19 Mar 2018 by Saira

How should the thought of Jesus future return affect the way we live day by day?

Click here to listen to the sermon by Paul Williams on 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

A glorious hope

12 Mar 2018 by Saira

When it comes to death, ignorance is not bliss. Not knowing what happens after death compounds the pain of death. So what can we be sure of when it comes to the death of a Christian?

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It seems to me that a number of very good things come around once every two years. Take films for example. Star Wars fans will be very excited about the new trilogy currently being released every other Christmas. Or take football. A major football championship is held every other summer– and yes the World Cup this June is in my diary. However, I realise that for many people films and football are hardly cause for excitement. Thankfully there is something else that comes around once every t Continue reading…