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Set Apart for Christ

3 Jul 2017 by Saira

Does your evangelistic urgency reflect the gravity of people’s eternal insecurity?

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27 Jun 2017 by Peter

I was delving into the archives at the family residence last week – that’s another way of saying I looked into a shoebox in the cupboard where we keep the vacuum cleaner.

Anyway, I found a book of coupons issued by the ‘Ministry of Food’. It must have been for the use of someone who is now very old, although, strangely, it has my name on it. How could that be possible? The only explanation I can give is that I was born at a very early age.

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The Power of Christ

12 Jun 2017 by Saira

Normally, we associate weakness with failure. We tried to hide our weakness so that others think we are successful. Likewise, we tend to be critical of other people’s weaknesses. But in 2 Corinthians 4, Paul gives us a completely different way of understanding weakness and success.

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The Word Explained

5 Jun 2017 by Saira

In the light of recent terror attacks we see again the wickedness of religion and any attempt to try and get right with God. In stark contrast to the good news of Jesus, where God does everything to make us right with Him.

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The Fragrance of Christ

15 May 2017 by Saira

Most of us are naturally drawn towards things that make us look popular. We long to fit in. At the same time, we often try to distance ourselves from things that make us different, or that make us appear unacceptable in other people’s eyes. When it comes to the Gospel, and the message about Christ, this is serious because those who follow Christ will always stand out from the world. What will keep us following Christ even when it means being unpopular?

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