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The secret of weeding

8 Oct 2018 by Saira

Why doesn’t God just get rid of all the evil in the world?

Click here to listen to Paul’s sermon on Matthew 13:36-43 to hear more about how the Parable of the Weeds addresses this big question.

Secrets in small packages

1 Oct 2018 by Saira

If you want to avoid living a wasted life, you have to know what the Kingdom of Heaven is like.

Click here to listen to Paul’s sermon on Matthew 13:31-35 to hear more about living a fruitful life.

Secret Growth

24 Sep 2018 by Saira

Faced with the disappointment of people not reacting positively when we speak of Jesus, what should be our response?

Listen to Paul’s sermon on The Parable of the Sower to hear more.

Secrets given

17 Sep 2018 by Saira

When so few respond to the gospel does it means we’re doing something wrong?

Click here to take a listen to Paul’s sermon on Matthew 13:1-17 .

How do we make sense of the confusing circumstances of life?

Listen now to Paul William’s sermon to hear more...