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A closer look at anxiety

17 Sep 2019 by Sonia

Anxiety; “a state of intense apprehension, uncertainty and fear resulting from the anticipation of a threatening event or situation, often to a degree that normal physical and psychological functioning is disrupted.”

Each one of us knows the experience of anxiety at some level. The sweaty palms, the racing heart, the premonition of “doom” when the potential fear of a particular situation begins to dominate our thoughts, emotions and behaviour; until we are confident that the threat (real or per Continue reading…

Paul Williams' Sabbatical

16 Sep 2019 by Saira

Paul Williams shares about his recent sabbatical. Click here to download and listen to the interview from Sunday 8th September. 

This will not end in death

12 Sep 2019 by Saira

Because the inevitability of death ruins life, Jesus will lovingly act to bring us to understand that He is the resurrection and the life.

Click here to listen to Paul’s sermon on John 11:1-16.


William Wilberforce is a man widely known, but little understood. You’ve probably heard of his tireless struggle to bring about the abolition of the British slave trade, which eventually happened in 1807. He then spent the rest of his life fighting for the abolition of slavery itself, which passed through Parliament in 1833. He died just a month earlier, having learned that the success of the bill that would abolish slavery was inevitable.

Two hundred years after these events, we can easily los Continue reading…

Scary starts

5 Sep 2019 by Chris

Our Tuesday morning brought back a routine I had oh so missed for two months. The chaos of finding uniform, the sounds of piercing shrieks over not being able to watch TV, voices shouting from the hall, “Dad my shoes are too small” (they weren’t, their toes were definitely still flat!) and “Dad my new shoes are too big” (nothing 4 sets of insoles didn’t fix). Amidst the chaos we managed to have breakfast together and I asked the kids how they were feeling about their first day back at school. Ne Continue reading…