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Teaching Grace

19 Sep 2017 by Saira

If I’m saved by grace alone, does it matter how I live?

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Saving Grace

11 Sep 2017 by Saira

The first verse of John Newton famous “Amazing Grace” tells us that we’ll be amazed by grace when we realise what wretches we are.    

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Arriving at university is an exciting time: a chance to be independent, make new friends, try new things and explore a new city.

But it can also be a deeply anxious time for many students. Leaving the security of your family, friends and home church and coming to a completely new place. You might feel nervous about making friends, nights out, money, your course or homesickness.

Whether you can’t wait to start or you’re terrified at the thought of freshers week, if you’re a Christian, you can hav Continue reading…

One of the scary but exciting things about arriving at uni is that so much is completely new. New city. New home. New course. New friends.

It’s a great time to try out new activities. Whether it’s bee-keeping, barber shop or Bulgarian conversation, kick-boxing, comedy or card games – there’s something for everyone.

For most students, it’s also the first time trying out a new church.

Many Christian students are looking for a church just like their home church, or one that is as different as possi Continue reading…

A-Level results day is here and thousands of young people will be getting ready to come to Sheffield in a few weeks to study. This is the first of a series of posts for new students on making the most of the experience.

Arriving at uni is an exciting time, full of opportunities. There are new friends to be made. Freshers fair is overflowing with clubs, societies and new activities to try. There’s a new course to dig your teeth into and social stuff available every night of the week. So, why pri Continue reading…