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Present thanksgiving

18 Mar 2019 by Saira

What extremes should we avoid when considering the return of Christ and how should we live?

To hear more, click here to listen to the sermon on  2 Thessalonians 1:1-4

My first, my last, my everything

11 Mar 2019 by Saira

How does being God’s redeemed people shape our response to the Lord and everything else that wants our hearts?

Click here to listen to the sermon from Vision Sunday.

We must follow

4 Mar 2019 by Saira

Even though the gospel is free Jesus doesn’t expect a cheap response.

To hear more, click here to listen to Paul William’s sermon on Mark 8:34-38.

Go and make disciples

11 Feb 2019 by Saira

What would motivate someone to give up so much to be in involved in overseas and cross cultural mission?

Click to listen to Paul William’s sermon: ‘Go & Make Disciples’

The Deaf Hear & The Mute Speak

21 Jan 2019 by Saira

Being deaf is a significant problem for those of us with perfectly good hearing!

Listen to Paul’s sermon on Mark 7:31-37 to hear more about this- click here to listen online now.