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The Fragrance of Christ

15 May 2017 by Saira

Most of us are naturally drawn towards things that make us look popular. We long to fit in. At the same time, we often try to distance ourselves from things that make us different, or that make us appear unacceptable in other people’s eyes. When it comes to the Gospel, and the message about Christ, this is serious because those who follow Christ will always stand out from the world. What will keep us following Christ even when it means being unpopular?

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Persecuted because of the Word

15 May 2017 by Saira

It is said that until you’ve found something worth dying for you haven’t found anything worth living for. Stephen, the first Christian martyr, thought he’d found something worth dying for and demonstrated how to stand against opposition unto death.

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The Comfort of Christ

3 May 2017 by Saira

The world has a problem with weakness. People tend to cover up their weaknesses and try to distance themselves from others who look weak. What difference does a relationship with Jesus make to our view of weakness? In 2 Corinthians 1, Paul shows us how in Christ, our weakness and suffering becomes a means by which we experience great comfort.

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Most of us think they are important. Many hundreds of people here at Fulwood are committed to them. We often talk about them from the front. We encourage new people to join one. But why do they actually matter? Why do we give so much of our time and energy to them?

I’m of course talking about small groups. I have never done this but it would be interesting to survey the church family about why they go to small group. I imagine we would get lots of good answers. Some would talk about the importan Continue reading…

As Christians try to live distinctively in a world of sexual confusion, what does the church need to be?

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